12 rue Cormont
80000 Amiens
03 22 52 98 49
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Big Ben

Bistrot Restaurant | Amiens

At the heart of the city, just steps from the St Leu district and overlooked by the outstanding Notre Dame Cathedral at the foot of which he snorts merrily, the BIG BEN Restaurant - French Bistro offers a fully developed onsite kitchen, around fresh, seasonal ingredients. It's simple: here there is no freezer!

Built around three axes, the map is riding a bistronomic mind. Short, it goes to the essential: a renewed slate each week with the seasons, the market and inspiration to those who design, a fixed portion which showcases the beautiful rooms of the house (of steak Aubrac matured 21 days, sole meuniere "boat to plate" ... etc) and a chapter bistro that offers up generous charcuterie boards range complemented by our vegetables Pickles house. And if you want to whet your appetite with the dish of the chef, is simple: we bring you the dish at the table, and you use as you see fit.

It is precisely this idea of ​​sharing that drives Big Ben: a canteen spirit that makes you want to take pension.

In this old building renovated with timeless charm, you will always find a place safe from prying eyes. As a couple, for a business lunch, family or friends, we strive to make you spend a good time: one button then the rationale of Big Ben. Quite simply.


"Always fascinated kitchen, I had to wait for thirty-three years to finally take the plunge and go after my dream to open my own restaurant: the age of Christ - surely more than the Therefore, we keep it for later! - Perhaps should we see a sign when it sets its sights on building a brood secular gaze by the Notre Dame Cathedral ...

At Big Ben, there is no other ambition than to offer a sincere cuisine rooted in the seasons, authentic yet modern, cheerful and generous. Sprinkled with good wine, we want to choose tasted, swallowed, devoured, swallowed up (it's up to you) in a relaxed atmosphere, simple and friendly. You have thirty minutes or two hours, whatever. Go through the door of the restaurant and we strive for these thirty minutes or two hours will make you want to return. The young restaurateur I saw no better reward to sincerely done! "

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